'Precious metals' Kitchen Owls Series #540

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'Precious metals' is one of over 500 unique sculptures from my 'Kitchen Owls' series. Each piece is one of a kind and full of character having been created with objects sourced from all over.

A series of small owls created almost completely from recycled materials. As well as being ultra cute, this owl could serve to scare away any unwelcome avian thieves in your fruit trees until you're ready to pick them.

Made using a peach-coloured pot lid, gold jar lids, washers, buttons, can opener end, springs & twig perch. * All items signed, numbered and dated. Due to the nature of using found objects, there may be scratches, scrapes, dents and other marks that serve as signs of the earlier use of those parts.

"My parliament of assemblage sculpture owls has been growing 
exponentially since the first one was created in Dec 2009. They 
are fashioned almost completely from recycled materials, 
satisfying both my ingrained need to conserve resources and an 
inherited tendency (or could one say 'compulsion'?) to glean."

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