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This elegant pair of earrings is made out of upcycled plastic, and transformed into unique, sustainable earrings, GREAT for any occasion such as weddings.

Plastic lasts forever and makes durable, non toxic jewelry. This recycled plastic material is waterproof, upcycled, recycled. I use non-toxic food grade HDPE plastic because it has very low risk of leaching BPA, a toxic component present in plastic.
Hooks are silver plated.

~ 2 inches from the top of the hook to the bottom of the plastic piece
~ 1/2 inch wide at widest point

*This listing is for 1 pair of earrings*

Super eco-friendly product!
I love to take items that would be other wise thrown away and turn them into art or into something useful. The earth is cluttered in trash. We even dedicate landfills for heaps and heaps of trash. Please be kind to Mother Earth. Do your part... Recycle... Upcycle...
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