Signature Fused Plastic Confetti Zipper Clutch Wristlet Pouch

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Dimensions: 7" x 5.75"

These are one of a kind! Many have said it, Lou's Upcycles means it!

This listing is for this size zipper pouch that comes in many different fabric styles.

Keeping with the spirit of upcycling, the need for reducing her own industrial waste lead Lou to figure out how to handle the scraps of plastic that were not being made into accessories. A-ha, a pouch is born.

These stuff holders are made from stuffing a cereal bag with plastic scraps then fusing them together to create one piece of fabric which can be sewn into a quirky case. They are insulated with interior fabric, have a zipper closure and are fun to carry!

Use and abuse them, they will only get softer with use. Water resistant, you can wash it out and air dry, super durable. Try one on. Rock one out. Bet you anything, no one else has seen one.

Each one unique, each one making a statement. Fit your cosmetics, money, pencils, credit cards, smokeables and any other trinkets you can think of.
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