Eco Fi Kunin Felt

A word on eco-fi Kunin felt, have you heard of it? Eco-fi (formally known as ecospun) is acyclic felt made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Taken from

“Eco-fi is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. It can go into any textile product such as clothing, blankets, carpets, wall coverings, auto interiors, home furnishings, and craft felt. Eco-fi can also be blended with other fibers, such as cotton or wool, for enhanced qualities”

AN EASY GUIDE: 10 bottles = 1 pound of fiber

Crafter and blogger Gina of Clutterpink introduces eco-fi on her blog in 2009 here

Futuregirl writes a product review using eco-fi here

“For anyone concerned about the environment, using Eco Felt could be a way to use acrylic felt with less guilt.” *futuregirl craft blog

Greenupgrader reviews eco-fi in 2009 here

“Felt is fun for all sorts of projects, like making cat toys or play food for your kiddos (or yourself)! It doesn’t fray, so you can leave the edges unfinished, and it’s sturdy enough to stand up to a decent amount of abuse.” *greenupgrader

An unsuspecting stack of eco-fi does not know it's about to be cut up and turned into felt cupcakes.Image c/o greenupgrader

Creative Dish gives us the low down on Craft Felt vs Eco Friendly Felt here

“The look and feel of eco-fi felt is very similar to original polyester craft felt, however it is slightly stiffer.” *Creative Dish

We have some products on Recycled Market using eco-fi:

Travel Chalk Mat

Made from an array of second hand materials,
with eco-fi used for the pocket chalk holder

Crayon roll

Portable mini crayon holders are made using second hand fabric, and eco-fi felt for the crayon pocket

Some cool projects we’ve seen using eco-fi,
Felt Playground uses eco-fi to create felt food..

One might say the better option for crafters would be to make your own felt using unwanted woolen sweaters, but if you do not have access to the right colours, eco-fi might be a good option. What is your opinion on eco-fi?

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