Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are such a great resource for recycled crafting, for both adults and children, but unfortunately preschoolers in Australia are not given the opportunity to work with them due to hygiene reasons.

As far as research can tell, other preschools around the world still craft with toilet paper rolls for recycled projects, with no ban apparent on them. What are our thoughts on this? It seems such a pity, when we see crafty roll projects such as:

Recycled Paper Roll Butterflies

as seen on Bo Bunny

Recycled Paper Roll Giraffe

(made by a friend’s little boy)

Recycled Paper Roll Monsters

As seen on AlisaBurke

Bird Yule Log Favors

as seen on Martha Stewart

Recycled Paper Roll Spiral Hanging Ornaments

as seen on Bethany Studios

Valentine Recycled Paper Tube Animals

As seen over at Ziggity Zoom

With full instructions here

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Repurposed Toilet Paper Roll Craft

The average Australian household uses 94 rolls of toilet paper every year. If each household substituted four rolls of ordinary toilet tissue with ‘SAFE‘ recycled toilet tissue, an extra 10,000 tonnes of office paper could be recycled, saving trees from being used as raw materials.* Source PlanetArk Recycling Near You

So what can we do with 94 empty toilet paper tubes? Re-purposed toilet paper roll craft ideas…

Toilet Paper Roll Art
c/o Anastassia Elias
Toilet Paper Roll Cat
c/o crafts by Amanada

Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Crowns

Toilet Paper Tube Birthday Crowns Grouped
c/o Creative Jewish Mum

Toilet Paper Roll Stars

c/o Muffin Tin Mom

 Toilet Paper Roll Prints


Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes


 c/o Bell In Spires

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