Trio of 'Stuffed Shirt' Cushion Covers

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This is a trio of unique Stuffed Shirt cushion covers made from a heavy-duty cotton extra-large upcycled, second-hand shirt. Would look really neat in a caravan, yacht or nautical interior. These have been creatively fabricated from the one shirt using different sections. They look great mixed and matched with my other cushion covers. The shirt label reads RELCO and is included on one, while the other two are made from the front and back to make 2 more complete covers. All are backed with upcycled Egyptian cotton. All fabrics thoroughly washed and pressed. 2 have zips at the bottom and one uses the original shirt button closure to insert the filler. I recommend using an 18" filler to make it nice and plump.

Dimensions approx 17" x 17", 43 x 43 cm.

Orders over 41.00 ($60.00) will be posted by Special Delivery in the UK to make sure they are covered against loss or damage. Please feel free to enquire about, and get a quote before ordering to ship outside of the UK.
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