General Information

How do you identify what product is ‘recycled’?

We understand that not every item listed can be 100% recycled, but what we ask is that artisans utilise as much as what is already available to create their end product.

 A recycled product is that which contains the highest amount of post-consumer material practicable, or when post-consumer material is impracticable for a specific type of product, contains substantial amounts of pre-consumer material*

* Source Minnesota Materials Management Division

We do allow vintage items to be listed on Recycled Market, clarification can be found under 'Seller Questions' below.

How can you check whether a product listed is legitimately recycled?

It is not always possible to verify the percentage of recycled material component used in each product, however, we will do our best to check all goods which are listed for sale on Recycled Market.  We find that the majority of artisans creating sustainable goods, document their wares and creations via social media platforms, such as blogs, facebook and twitter pages.  Quite often, we will be able to see images of artisans materials, and products in the making, which confirms their viability using recycled and second-hand materials.  Should you find a product which you believe might be unsuitable for Recycled Market, we encourage you to notify us immediately.

Who can sell on Recycled Market?

Anyone can sell items on Recycled Market, however we ask that you read our terms and conditions to determine if your product meets our criteria.  Sellers that do not meet our conditions will not have their products approved for listing, but are welcome to reapply at a later stage after communications with our team.  

Who can buy on Recycled Market?

Anyone of legal age can buy products from recycled market’s online marketplace, click on any product you wish you buy, and head to the checkout to enter your details.

What currency are prices listed in?

Recycled Market is an Australian registered business, we therefore list products in AUD Australian Dollars. However, our online marketplace trades worldwide, therefore we list a conversion rate to USD (United States Dollars), which are displayed as an estimate. For the most up to date currency exchange rate please refer to xe.com

We are working on a world currency converter system for Recycled Market.

Inappropriate listings

If you see an item listed that does not meet Recycled Market’s policies, please contact us as soon as possible

Seller questions

Click here for seller FAQ page

Buyer questions

How do I buy goods on recycled market?

You need to create an account on Recycled Market before you can make a purchase.  Creating an account is quick and easy.   When locating the item you wish to purchase, click ‘add to cart’.

To actually purchase the items in your shopping cart select a payment option for each different seller eg PayPal.  You will be directed to payment information for each seller from your cart.

Can I buy from more than one seller in one transaction?

Yes, you can continue shopping and add more items to your cart.

How do I ask the seller a question?

Click on the product you are interested in, and you will see a field "Ask a question about this product" which will take you to a qeustion form to complete.

How do I leave feedback?

We are currently working on a feedback system.  Please contact us if you have concerns.