Recycled Crockery Bird Feeder Ideas

Unwanted crockery pieces, donated to thrift stores and found in flea markets across the country, are always in abundant.  Not many of us reach for a cup and saucer, when we make our morning hot beverage, which leaves many pretty crockery pieces, such as the matching floral cup and saucer, redundant.

Both cup and saucer, can be re-purposed into beautiful little bird feeders, here are some examples:

Upcycled Bird Feeder

Seen on Erin’s Creative

Tea Cup and Recycled Spoke Feeders

Seen on Something Wonderful

Hanging Vintage Floral Tea Cup Feeder

Made by artyecological

Recycled Cup and Dessert Plate on a Pole Bird Feeder

made by CarlaRaeVintage

Ceramic Plate Bird Feeder (no drilling)

Seen on garden-art-projects

Hanging Repurposed China Dish Bird Feeder

Also seen on garden-art-projects

This one is a little different:

Recycled Glass Cup and Plate Totem Bird Feeder

made by 3sisterstreasures

Pillows out of neckties

Earlier in the year, we put a call out on our facebook page for a lady in Boston, looking for someone local to her, to make some pillows out of a whole bunch of neckties that belonged to her late father.

DelightWorthyn got in touch, and took on the project.

Delight organised the ties into colour groups and deconstructed some to begin, she then pieced together and machine stitched with invisible thread.

The end result:

Aren’t they great?  So nice for Recycled Market to be the connection between the two.  You can see more on Delight’s blog here.

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Recycled Pincushions

Pincushions are as easy to make, as they are to buy. There are many ways to make your own pincushions using items that you might already have lying around the house. Here are some upcycled pincushion examples

Child’s Shoe Pincushion

seen here

Upcycled Vintage Handkerchief Pincushion

seen here

Cookie Cutter Pincushion

seen here

Egg Cup Pincushion

seen here

Vintage Tin Pincushion

seen here

Mini Mould Pincushion

seen here

Toy Truck Pincushion

seen here

Salt Shaker Lid Pincushion

seen here

Some of these little pincushions remind me of hermit crabs which find any vacant ‘shell’ suitable enough for it to fit!

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YouTube Soda tab bracelet tutorial

We were sent a link to a great tutorial, how to make a soda tab bracelet, the black cameo ribbon bracelet is pretty cool!



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Milk Bottle Fort!

Now this looks like a fun idea!  Recycled milk bottle fort

Seen on Green Renters from All for the Boys


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Recycled Can Lights from Creative Thinking

Check out Creative Thinking‘s new iCan light designs. Made from recycled discarded metallic food container (large coffee cans)

Lamp iCan Hanging light4

iCAN Wall Lighting5

iCAN Wall Lighting4

Lamp iCan Hanging light2

More here

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Recycled Magazine Butterfly for Kids

Recycled Magazine Accordion Butterfly

A tutorial for this simple recycle project, which is great for children, can be found here

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What is new to Recycled Market?

We have some delightful plate stands, which are made from recycled vinyl records,  vintage tea cups and plates. Stands could be used to display jewellery, as well as cakes.

By Recycled Market seller Kate & Rose


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Crafting with Toilet Paper Rolls

Toilet paper rolls are such a great resource for recycled crafting, for both adults and children, but unfortunately preschoolers in Australia are not given the opportunity to work with them due to hygiene reasons.

As far as research can tell, other preschools around the world still craft with toilet paper rolls for recycled projects, with no ban apparent on them. What are our thoughts on this? It seems such a pity, when we see crafty roll projects such as:

Recycled Paper Roll Butterflies

as seen on Bo Bunny

Recycled Paper Roll Giraffe

(made by a friend’s little boy)

Recycled Paper Roll Monsters

As seen on AlisaBurke

Bird Yule Log Favors

as seen on Martha Stewart

Recycled Paper Roll Spiral Hanging Ornaments

as seen on Bethany Studios

10 easy ways to recycle and reuse around the home

1. Don’t throw out ice cream containers; they make the perfect reusable food storage tubs.

2. Use unwanted magazines, comic’s or even newspapers to wrap gifts for your loved ones.

Image found on: Creative Gift Wrap Ideas - Designer Gift Wrap - Country Living

3. Make your own business cards by cutting tissue box cardboard, cereal boxes, damaged books, greetings cards, or even discarded paint sample cards, and stamp with your logo on the blank side.

4. Use small plastic juice or water bottles as ice blocks to keep your lunch cool and fresh.  Simple fill with tap water, freeze, and add to your lunch box.

5. Greeting cards can be reused as gift tags.  Simply cut the front of gift cards to appropriate tag shape, punch a hole and add string/ribbon.

6. Paint soda drink cans white for a simplistic flower vase.

Image c/o EMA

 7. Cut an old t-shirt into strips, stretch out, and use to wrap opened packaged food. 8.  Store your plastic bread bags and reuse for freezing meat or cookie dough in the freezer.

9. Empty roll-on deodorants tubes; fill with sun screen for an easy sun protector applicator that you can carry in your handbag.  Another idea would be to fill roll-on tubes with paint for children’s paint pens.

Image c/o LetTheChildrenPlay

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