T-Shirt Ruffle Skirts

How do you transform a pile of unwanted damaged t-shirts into a cute little skirt for a toddler? Use the LilyGiggle Rings of Ruffle t-shirt skirt pattern available on Recycled Market!

The LilyGiggle Rings of Ruffles t-shirt skirt sewing pattern is a PDF tutorial, which takes unwanted tees, and transforms them into little children’s skirts.

Turn a pile of unwanted t-shirts and jersey garments from this…

…into thisLittle girl ruffle skirt

Suitable for beginners, with easy to follow instructions, and home printable pattern, no serger is required, this is a great way to upcycle old t-shirts and scrap fabric.

Pattern available to buy here

There are other tutorials and patterns to choose from through Recycled Market including:

For little people

The Azalea Cloche recycled t-shirt hat pattern for little girls
The Rings of Ruffle recycled t-shirt skirt for girls age 6-10yrs
Costume cape pattern made from recycled t-shirts and scraps for boys or girls
Recycled t-shirt hat pattern and tutorial for boys or girls age 7-12yrs
Recycled t-shirt hat pattern and tutorial for boys or girls age 1-6 yrs
Girls tunic age 2-8yrs pattern and tutorial made from a recycled women’s skirt
Girls tie-front dress pattern and tutorial, sizes 6-10 years, created from a jersey bed sheet!

For grown ups

The Odelia recycled t-shirt skirt pattern for ladies
DIY mitten tutorial and pattern made from recycled sweaters
Eco-friendly fingerless glove tutorial made from recycled sweaters
Eco-friendly DIY coffee cozy made from fabric scraps
DIY cupcake pincushion tutorial made from sweater scraps

Necktie owl brooch tutorial, made from mens neckties (for little people or grownups!)

Save those damaged t-shirts, sweaters, bedsheets and neckties from landfill by turning them into something beautiful!

Eco Fi Kunin Felt

A word on eco-fi Kunin felt, have you heard of it? Eco-fi (formally known as ecospun) is acyclic felt made using 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.

Taken from www.eco-fi.com:

“Eco-fi is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. It can go into any textile product such as clothing, blankets, carpets, wall coverings, auto interiors, home furnishings, and craft felt. Eco-fi can also be blended with other fibers, such as cotton or wool, for enhanced qualities”

AN EASY GUIDE: 10 bottles = 1 pound of fiber

Crafter and blogger Gina of Clutterpink introduces eco-fi on her blog in 2009 here

Futuregirl writes a product review using eco-fi here

“For anyone concerned about the environment, using Eco Felt could be a way to use acrylic felt with less guilt.” *futuregirl craft blog

Greenupgrader reviews eco-fi in 2009 here

“Felt is fun for all sorts of projects, like making cat toys or play food for your kiddos (or yourself)! It doesn’t fray, so you can leave the edges unfinished, and it’s sturdy enough to stand up to a decent amount of abuse.” *greenupgrader

An unsuspecting stack of eco-fi does not know it's about to be cut up and turned into felt cupcakes.Image c/o greenupgrader

Creative Dish gives us the low down on Craft Felt vs Eco Friendly Felt here

“The look and feel of eco-fi felt is very similar to original polyester craft felt, however it is slightly stiffer.” *Creative Dish

We have some products on Recycled Market using eco-fi:

Travel Chalk Mat

Made from an array of second hand materials,
with eco-fi used for the pocket chalk holder

Crayon roll

Portable mini crayon holders are made using second hand fabric, and eco-fi felt for the crayon pocket

Some cool projects we’ve seen using eco-fi,
Felt Playground uses eco-fi to create felt food..

One might say the better option for crafters would be to make your own felt using unwanted woolen sweaters, but if you do not have access to the right colours, eco-fi might be a good option. What is your opinion on eco-fi?

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Recycled Love


Recycled Love featuring 
upcycled vinyl cuff
repurposed, felted wool brooches
upcycled matchbox gift boxes
handpainted Victorian silk ribbon necklaces
recycled paper swan



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Introducing Metamorphic Gear to Recycled Market

We are pleased to introduce Metamorphic Gear to Recycled Market.

Metamorphic Gear is the brainchild of Lindsay Lawrence, a world traveler, sailor and lover of the outdoors. Inspired by the outdoor equipment that he used while hiking, Lindsay wanted to design a range of stylish but reliable eco-friendly products for the outdoor enthusiast to use in their urban lifestyle.

Having been involved with sailing both professionally and recreationally, Lindsay witnessed the durability of sail material before it was sent to landfill so decided to give it a new lease of life as the major ingredient in Metamorphic Gear’s products.

Lindsay’s drive to create a company that is earth minded and forward thinking while always maintaining it’s integrity has attracted a team of like minded folks and we are driven to innovate, create and deliver stylish, upcycled products you will be happy to bring into your urban life.

Messenger 15” Laptop Bag made from upcycled sail cloth. This is the first of Metamorphic Gear’s products and the cornerstone of our range. Made with 75% upcycled materials it carries a 15” laptop and is perfect for business or social use.

We were inspired to create a laptop bag that wasn’t your typical black, zip up, carry everything bag. Instead we have gone for a thin, 2 color, flap bag which is both practical and stylish. We like to think of it as eco-stealth!”

“We at Metamorphic Gear love the ocean, we sail on it and we are deeply connected to it. By purchasing one of our products, not only are you helping the earth by saving landfill, but you will also be helping out the ocean and the animals that rely on the ocean. We have decided to allocate 5% of the retail price of each of our products to cleaning up the oceans”

Shop Metamorphic Gear > here

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Silver Metallics, Recycled

Silver Metallics, Recycled, featuring

Sterling Silver Flower Necklace using Precious Metal Clay (PMC). PMC is recycled fine silver, made from pure silver particles that are recycled & reclaimed from scraps, x-ray and film plates.  Made by Lumoi in London

Musical Chime necklace, specially designed for a modern recycling fan who is musically inclined.  Made by Jewels of Sayuri in India.

Fine lines Ear rings, made from recycled culinary items crafted with care by qualified jeweller Greg Mann in his studio in Melbourne.

Repurposed scrabble tile keychains, made by I Am The Mandy in Central Kansas, USA

“Goose” Recycled Bolt Creature, made by Craftworks Cambodia, in the urban city of Phnom Penh.

iCAN Wall Lighting2, recycled aluminum can wall light, made by Creative Thinking in the USA

Creating recycled bolt creatures, by Craftworks Cambodia producer’s, in the urban city of Phnom Penh

House pin made from a recycled souvenir spoon, made from recycled culinary items crafted with care by qualified jeweller Greg Mann in his studio in Melbourne.

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Recycled Highway Billboard Bags: Pinto Bags

Have you seen Pinto Bags clutch bag range on Recycled Market?

Pinto Bags offer a collection of recycled highway billboard advertising, upcycled into colourful clutch bags, with a variety to choose from.

Pinto Bags as seen on the catwalk:

Which colour would you choose?

More colours to choose from here

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Hubcap Flowers as seen on Blue Velvet Chair

Recycled hubcaps, become wall flower garden feature as seen on Blue Velvet Chair

With a clever DIY tutorial here

Masculinity (cars) vs femininity (flowers) in recycled artform, clever!

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Cape & Wing PDF Patterns

Fun Costume Cape pattern and tutorial, to make from recycled t-shirts, shirts and scrap material. SUITABLE FOR BEGINNER SEWISTS!

The Costume Cape is designed with upcycling a men’s dress shirt and fabric scraps! There is a safe & simple velcro-neck closure and easy-to-wear elastic arm bands. Each wing is decorated with pretty “FEATHER” ruffle layers. Sure to become a favorite dress-up for all! Can be created for either a boy or a girl, simply changing fabric choices.

The Costume Cape can be made to fit babies to adult sizing. Perfect for anyone enjoying a medieval festival…or just trying to flutter around being a fairy. Think about adjusting the colors in a brown color scheme to mimic a wise, old owl or go for a selection of greens and make your favorite fire breathing dragon. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Wings for girls, or cape for boys  http://www.recycled-market.com/CHICKEN-HILL

Red Hot and Recycled!

Today’s blog post, relates to recycled products found on Recycled Market, the theme today, is red.

Red Hot & Recycled featuring

  Leggings made with fabric production excess material, by Bartinki

Recycled saree bib, by Sayuri

Upcycled coca cola can Thunderbirds ring, by Anastazzia

Upcycled highway vinyl billboard clutch bag, by PintoBags

Big flower necklace made from recycled magazines, by Factory on the Moon

Upcycled VINYL wall clock “GUN”, by Pavel Sidorenko

Handcrafted Toddler Shoes - Red Vintage Flower, Size 5, by Greenlace Corner

Vinyl Record Bowl- Rockstar Energy Gift, by Sonic Styles

Purse made with vintage Japanese fabric, by YellowBird

Upcycled felt heart, by AllAboutTheButtons

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