Red Hot and Recycled!

Today’s blog post, relates to recycled products found on Recycled Market, the theme today, is red.

Red Hot & Recycled featuring

  Leggings made with fabric production excess material, by Bartinki

Recycled saree bib, by Sayuri

Upcycled coca cola can Thunderbirds ring, by Anastazzia

Upcycled highway vinyl billboard clutch bag, by PintoBags

Big flower necklace made from recycled magazines, by Factory on the Moon

Upcycled VINYL wall clock “GUN”, by Pavel Sidorenko

Handcrafted Toddler Shoes - Red Vintage Flower, Size 5, by Greenlace Corner

Vinyl Record Bowl- Rockstar Energy Gift, by Sonic Styles

Purse made with vintage Japanese fabric, by YellowBird

Upcycled felt heart, by AllAboutTheButtons

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