Recycling Facts

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“It takes 70% less energy to make recycled paper, and 95% less energy to make recycled aluminium cans than it does when using new raw materials. It takes 125 plastic milk bottles to make one 140 litre recycled plastic wheelie bin.” source City of Port Phillip Community Environment eHub

“Aluminium and steel cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, and most cardboard are made from recycled materials and are usually recyclable after use. Choose items with this kind of packaging rather than packaging made entirely from virgin raw materials. It’s important to buy recycled as this creates a demand for recycled materials and supports the recycling industries.” source PlanetArk

“When we do not recycle at least our glass or aluminum we cost the earth in power usage, water and oil usage and landfill usage; glass takes up to 4000 years to decompose in a landfill yet can be recycled indefinitely.” source Environment Green

“If 300,000 people would stop junk mail coming to their home, they could save half a million trees.” 

 A short video on the importance of keeping recyclable materials out of the landfill with help from a solid waste planning engineer and recycling program coordinator
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First Featured Seller - Siamese Dream Design

We have our first featured seller interview with Barbara and Amy, of Siamese Dream Design.

Can you tell us a little about who you are?
We are an expat mother and daughter team, originally from the USA.  We have always had a passion for the eclectic and never really embraced mainstream consumerism. For many years it was just the two of us and we reveled in our ability to create and recreate everything under the sun. Not even knowing we were “recycling and repurposing”. Anything we had or found was fair game for a new project. Embossed drapes found in Grandma’s basement became a fantastic mermaid skirt, a unique lamp from a garage sale would get a complete make over, sheets became new window swags and coordinating cushion covers. As we began to travel and were exposed to an array of ethnic textiles, a new obsession was born.
Can you tell us about your products?
We find an item, a piece of textile art seeped in ethnic traditions.  The wheels begin to turn, ” a handbag like this….. no a little jacket with…. a skirt, boots, shoes,” and we’re off. Ethnic textiles repurposed into modern fashion and home decor items.
How to you incorporate recycled material into your products?
An old beautifully embroidered Hmong skirt becomes boots, if its only partially usable it still does not go to waste. Pieces are cut and become part of a patchwork duvet cover or pillows. A tribal baby carrier becomes the basis of a handbag.  A woven Naga shawl reappears as a unique pair of loafers.
What does the future have in store for Siamese Dream Design?

We love working with the different ethnic groups, helping the women keep their culture alive by turning their age old traditions into modern products and marketing them to a global audience, thereby providing them with financial stability. As we grow, it is our goal that our work will reach a large enough audience that we will be able to further diversify the ethnic groups we work with.

Shop Siamese Dream Design > here

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Product Listing Week One

And we’re off! Seller registrations are coming in, and our web traffic is on the rise. Our first sellers have started uploading their wonderful upcycled, re-purposed products. Lets take a look:

Repurposed Orange Embroidery & Batik Gladiator Sandals
Handmade repurposed Hmong Indigo batik and embroidery sandals, 
all the way from the Land of Smiles, Thailand

 $34 SiameseDreamDesign
Zipper Brooch in Pink 
Brown, pink and green zipper flower brooch, with vinyl faux leather leaves. 
$15 from Recycled Fashion
Upcycled Pencil Wallet
Made from old jeans and op shopped fabric
$20 from Crafty Wren

Vintage Glomesh Bag
$29.95 from Dogstar Bazaar

We can’t wait to see what else will be listed within the coming week..

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Recycled Market is Open

We’ve opened the store!
Sellers: before opening and registering your store with Recycled Market, click on seller FAQ’s here
We’d encourage everyone to also read our general FAQ’s here
We’re in our early stages.  We know there are many tasks on our to-do list, to make our site perfect, but it is a fully functioning site, and we welcome you!

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Open for business next week

We’re open for business next week, however, we’re in our early stages.  We know there are many tasks on our to-do list, to make our site perfect, but it is a fully functioning site!

What is Recycled Market?  A unique online venue that encourages buyers and sellers to reduce, reuse, redesign, refashion, rework and recycle as much as possible.

We are a global marketplace showcasing stylish handmade and ethically manufactured pieces made from recycled materials.

 “Our vision is for individuals to choose recycled before new” Recycled Market 2011


We may look a little bare on the products side to start with, but fear not, new sellers are coming on board, and new products are being listed, so please come back and visit regularly.


We are seeking artisans and traders selling products made using recycled materials, and/or vintage items. We would emphasise the importance of checking out the FAQ ‘Seller Questions’ as there are a few tasks that will be required of you to register your profile and products.  Remember, it is completely free to list your product on Recycled Market.

Our first products listed on Recycled Market include:

Vintage Glomesh Bag
Vintage fabric plastic bottle bangles
 Zipper brooch
Chip packet clutch bag

We would love to get your feedback on ways we can improve Recycled Market for the future, so please feel free to get familiar with our site, and contact us with your ideas!

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Recycled Market Going Live!

Thank you readers, for your patience over the past few months.  We are pleased to announce that we anticipate Recycled Market to go live on Monday, ready for sellers to start listing their recycled products for sale.  All product listings will be completely free.

What is Recycled Market?

Recycled Market is a unique online venue that encourages buyers and sellers to reduce, reuse, redesign, refashion, rework and recycle as much as possible. We are a are global marketplace focused on showcasing stylish handmade and ethically manufactured pieces made from recycled materials. Our aim is to offer a wide range of recycled products, ranging from readjusted clothing, upcyled jewellery, accessories, through to artwork, toys, homewares and gifts, created from recycled or reclaimed material, supplies needed to produce recycled goods, patterns, tutorials, and so much more. Recycled Market showcases independent artisan’s creative, exclusive eco-design.
Recycled Market:
  • Promotes and sells handmade, and ethically manufactured recycled products
  • Encourages artisans to utilise recycled materials
  • Offers consumers the chance to purchase unique products which are friendly to our planet
 “We are constantly bombarded with advertisements encouraging our thirst to spend money on new products, utilising new resources. A consumer can make a difference by choosing to buy environmentally sound products; goods that are created using materials already in circulation” Erica, Recycled Market, 2011
“Our vision is for individuals to choose recycled before new”  Lester, Recycled Market, 2011
Recycled Market exists to advertise goods made from materials that may otherwise unnecessarily end in landfill. For some facts about consumption and disposal, we would highly recommend watching The Story Of Stuff by Annie Leonard

We have approached a handful of sellers to start building our product base, but we welcome new requests.

If you wish to know more information or have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

Thank you, we look forward to welcoming you to Recycled Market!

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Repurposed Toilet Paper Roll Craft

The average Australian household uses 94 rolls of toilet paper every year. If each household substituted four rolls of ordinary toilet tissue with ‘SAFE‘ recycled toilet tissue, an extra 10,000 tonnes of office paper could be recycled, saving trees from being used as raw materials.* Source PlanetArk Recycling Near You

So what can we do with 94 empty toilet paper tubes? Re-purposed toilet paper roll craft ideas…

Toilet Paper Roll Art
c/o Anastassia Elias
Toilet Paper Roll Cat
c/o crafts by Amanada

Toilet Paper Roll Birthday Crowns

Toilet Paper Tube Birthday Crowns Grouped
c/o Creative Jewish Mum

Toilet Paper Roll Stars

c/o Muffin Tin Mom

 Toilet Paper Roll Prints


Toilet Paper Roll Gift Boxes


 c/o Bell In Spires

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Recycled Sweater Ideas

Recycled Sweater Purse

c/o A Lemon Squeezy Home
Recycled Sweater Vase
c/o Under The Table and Dreaming
Recycled Sweater Blanket


c/o Better Homes and Gardens
Recycled Felted Wool Sweater Mittens
 Image c/o GrandMaLinda’sHouse

Felted Stuffed Sweater Animals

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Simple Things

Salvaged shredders make a table display with the illumination of votive candles twinkling through. c/o Good Housekeeping

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Recycled Ideas for Packaged Food Containers

We live in a world where food is conveniently packaged into a range of containers for both liquid, and solid matter.  Our food is presented to us in packets, boxes, jars, tins, cellophane, plastic and paper.  Our packaged food can be frozen, heated, microwaved, shaken, squeezed, baked, sprinkled, poured, and finally, consumed.

“In some developing countries up to 50% of the food is wasted through poor packaging and distribution methods.” SOURCE: Packaging What a Waste? KESAB.

A few ideas for ways to recycle our prepared food containers.

Recycled Corona Beer Bottle Glass Tumblers
c/o $30 c/o BootleHood

Empty Tin Can Kitchen Utensil Holder

Idea and Image c/o HGTV

Cereal box re-purposed into magazine storage
Idea and image c/o Sew Many Ways
Recycled Drink Bottle Vases (for a Wedding)

vintage handmade lds wedding

Image c/o

Upcycled Chip Packet Purse