Silver Metallics, Recycled

Silver Metallics, Recycled, featuring

Sterling Silver Flower Necklace using Precious Metal Clay (PMC). PMC is recycled fine silver, made from pure silver particles that are recycled & reclaimed from scraps, x-ray and film plates.  Made by Lumoi in London

Musical Chime necklace, specially designed for a modern recycling fan who is musically inclined.  Made by Jewels of Sayuri in India.

Fine lines Ear rings, made from recycled culinary items crafted with care by qualified jeweller Greg Mann in his studio in Melbourne.

Repurposed scrabble tile keychains, made by I Am The Mandy in Central Kansas, USA

“Goose” Recycled Bolt Creature, made by Craftworks Cambodia, in the urban city of Phnom Penh.

iCAN Wall Lighting2, recycled aluminum can wall light, made by Creative Thinking in the USA

Creating recycled bolt creatures, by Craftworks Cambodia producer’s, in the urban city of Phnom Penh

House pin made from a recycled souvenir spoon, made from recycled culinary items crafted with care by qualified jeweller Greg Mann in his studio in Melbourne.

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Recycled Highway Billboard Bags: Pinto Bags

Have you seen Pinto Bags clutch bag range on Recycled Market?

Pinto Bags offer a collection of recycled highway billboard advertising, upcycled into colourful clutch bags, with a variety to choose from.

Pinto Bags as seen on the catwalk:

Which colour would you choose?

More colours to choose from here

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Hubcap Flowers as seen on Blue Velvet Chair

Recycled hubcaps, become wall flower garden feature as seen on Blue Velvet Chair

With a clever DIY tutorial here

Masculinity (cars) vs femininity (flowers) in recycled artform, clever!

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Cape & Wing PDF Patterns

Fun Costume Cape pattern and tutorial, to make from recycled t-shirts, shirts and scrap material. SUITABLE FOR BEGINNER SEWISTS!

The Costume Cape is designed with upcycling a men’s dress shirt and fabric scraps! There is a safe & simple velcro-neck closure and easy-to-wear elastic arm bands. Each wing is decorated with pretty “FEATHER” ruffle layers. Sure to become a favorite dress-up for all! Can be created for either a boy or a girl, simply changing fabric choices.

The Costume Cape can be made to fit babies to adult sizing. Perfect for anyone enjoying a medieval festival…or just trying to flutter around being a fairy. Think about adjusting the colors in a brown color scheme to mimic a wise, old owl or go for a selection of greens and make your favorite fire breathing dragon. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Wings for girls, or cape for boys

Red Hot and Recycled!

Today’s blog post, relates to recycled products found on Recycled Market, the theme today, is red.

Red Hot & Recycled featuring

  Leggings made with fabric production excess material, by Bartinki

Recycled saree bib, by Sayuri

Upcycled coca cola can Thunderbirds ring, by Anastazzia

Upcycled highway vinyl billboard clutch bag, by PintoBags

Big flower necklace made from recycled magazines, by Factory on the Moon

Upcycled VINYL wall clock “GUN”, by Pavel Sidorenko

Handcrafted Toddler Shoes - Red Vintage Flower, Size 5, by Greenlace Corner

Vinyl Record Bowl- Rockstar Energy Gift, by Sonic Styles

Purse made with vintage Japanese fabric, by YellowBird

Upcycled felt heart, by AllAboutTheButtons

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An interview with Lydra

It is with pleasure to introduce Lydra to Recycled Market.

“Lydra is a Melbourne-based fashion accessories label that is calling upon Grandmas, Grannies, Bubbes, Nonnas and Nans to step forward and become apart of the Lydra family.

This social enterprise will engage with the elderly community to create a cross generational initiative, linking both the younger and older generation through their love of fashion.

Lydra started from a bespoke clutch purse that drew the eye and captured the imagination! All the products are made from pre-loved fabrics, produced and sourced locally, with a strong emphasis on preserving the environment.

Each product is one-of-a-kind, with its own novel name and a description of the garment’s former life. Lydra is fun, fit for all occasions and, most importantly, allows you to be yourself.”

Can you tell us a little about who you are?

I have a vision for a better world and through through my skills and passion hope to discover this through Fashion. With a background in advertising, I sought a new direction for more altruistic endeavours. I recently completed Applied Fashion Design and Technology at RMIT. With products stocked in 44 shops throughout Australia and competing in the global finals in the USA as the GSEA National Student Entrepreneur for Australia. I envision that through creating Lydra, I will be able to better educate and create awareness about the relevance of sustainable living.

Lydra is an ethical range of womens accessories that makes clutches, handbags and travel wallets from pre-loved materials, locally in Melbourne. 

Can you tell us about your products?
Each product is one-of-a-kind with it’s own novel name and description of the garments former life. Lydra is fun, fit for all occasions and most importantly allows you to be yourself.
What does the future have in store for Lydra?

Linda aims to be a pioneer in the global fashion industry, to lead by example and show others in this industry that you can create a business that considers the environment, incorporates the community and creates quality products that last.

Shop Lydra > here

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Found object art

Michelle Stitzlein creates art from found objects such as piano keys, broken china, license plates, rusty tin cans, electrical wire, and bottlecaps.  Michelle exhibits her work in venues around the United States.

 Image c/o Art Grange


For more information, check Michelles bio here

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Recycled Market - In the Press

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Recycled Christmas

 Vintage Hmong Embroidery 
& Indigo Batik Repurposed Cotton Christmas Stockings

$18 Siamese Dream Design

Upcycled Christmas Tree Decorations
OOAK trees are made from reclaimed mens neckties,
rescued buttons and recycled ribbon
$12 (Free P&P;) Harrysdesk

Recycled Bombshell Bee Nativity Set
$27 Craftworks Cambodia

Recycled Nut and Bolt Nativity Set

$20 Craftworks Cambodia

Upcycled Star Decorations
Upcycled reversible stars made from
reclaimed neckties and buttons with accompanying poem
$12 (Free P&P;) Harrysdesk

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Nespresso Coffee Capsule Insects

Swiss Biologist, Alex, reuses discarded Nespresso coffee capsules to create intricate insect art sculptures, inspired by nature.  Documented on his website recycleandplay

“Waste is an untapped source of high quality building material! As a biologist, I find my artistic inspiration in nature. By creating objects from our wastes my aim is to stimulate people’s imagination and encourage the eco-citizen within each of us, while having fun! I started this project by building toys from recycled material, for my kids, during a two-years scientific stay in Edinburgh (the name’s origin…). At first solely dedicated to toys recycleandplay slowly started exploring other artistic horizons…”
Nespresso Coffee Capsule Insects
More insects


For more inspiration, check out

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