Recycled Market Business Cards Ready

Keeping to our recycled theme, we purchased a custom made stamp to make our own business cards by stamping recycled card, in this case the back of an empty box of fruit bars, cut to business card size.

One could also stamp the back of cereal boxes, damaged books, greetings cards, discarded paint sample cards..

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Repurposed Household Furniture

Most household furniture comes with a lifespan. Before discarding a piece of broken or unwanted furniture, which will no doubt end in landfill, there may be ways to reuse it, by creating ‘new’ useful, home decor.

Some creative re-purposed furniture ideas found on the www..

Image c/o pinterest
Image c/o lovelylisting
Image c/o recyclart
Image c/o imgfave

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Recycle your jars

What to do with all your empty mason jars? A few ideas…

Stars jars via splattered glow paint inside mason jars
image c/o weheartit
Image c/o pepperstitches

Tea in a jar
Image c/o PFE Photography

Pie in a jar
Image c/o a cup of Joe

 Booze in a jar
Image c/o That Kind of Woman 

bunny + dinosaur terrariums!

Bunny/Dinosaur jar terrariums (great for kids!)
Image c/o West Coast Crafty

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