Press Release November 2011

Press Release November 2011, Recycled Market

Recycled Market turning trash into online treasure

Recycled Market opened its virtual doors last month.  The first of its kind, Recycled Market is an eco friendly e-commerce website, an online market place for visitors to buy, sell and find all things upcycled or recycled.

Recycled Market’s co-founders have travelled extensively, and experienced first hand how developing countries and the environment are impacted by our fast-paced consumer driven society.

They could not find an online venue dedicated solely to selling products made from recycled materials, and thus the seed for their online venture was planted.

“We are constantly bombarded with advertisements encouraging our thirst to spend money on new products, utilising new resources. A consumer can make a difference by choosing to buy environmentally sound products; goods that are created using materials already in circulation” Erica, Recycled Market 2011

What can you expect to find on Recycled Market? Bags made from discarded chip packets ethically handcrafted in The Philippines, creative jewellery made from recycled cutlery and plastic toys, and brooches made from zippers by local Melbourne artisans. Shoes made with re-purposed Hmong textiles all the way from Thailand, recycled aluminium tin toys ethically handmade in Madagascar, handcrafted animals carved from discarded rubber flip-flops, ethically made in East Africa, and much more to be introduced to the site over the coming weeks.

“We are constantly amazed and inspired at the resourcefulness and creativity out there, up-cycled possibilities are proving endless.” Erica, Recycled Market

Recycled Market is a unique online venue that encourages buyers and sellers to reduce, reuse, redesign, refashion, rework and recycle as much as possible. Recycled Market is a global marketplace focused on showcasing stylish handmade and ethically manufactured pieces made from recycled materials.

Recycled Market exists to advertise goods made from materials that may otherwise unnecessarily end in landfill

“Our vision is for individuals to choose recycled before new” Lester, Recycled Market 2011

For further information please visit or email Erica

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