About Us

What is Recycled Market?

Recycled Market is a unique online venue that encourages buyers and sellers to reduce, reuse, redesign, refashion, rework and recycle as much as possible. We are a global marketplace focused on showcasing stylish handmade and ethically manufactured pieces made from recycled materials. Our aim is to offer a wide range of recycled products, ranging from readjusted clothing, upcycled jewellery, accessories, through to artwork, toys, homewares and gifts, created from recycled or reclaimed material, supplies needed to produce recycled goods, patterns, tutorials, and so much more. Recycled Market showcases independent artisan’s creative, exclusive eco-design.

Recycled Market:

  • Promotes and sells handmade, and ethically manufactured recycled products
  • Encourages artisans to utilise recycled materials
  • Offers consumers the chance to purchase unique products which are friendly to our planet

“We are constantly bombarded with advertisements encouraging our thirst to spend money on new products, utilising new resources. A consumer can make a difference by choosing to buy environmentally sound products; goods that are created using materials already in circulation” Erica, Recycled Market, 2011

“Our vision is for individuals to choose recycled before new”  Lester, Recycled Market, 2011

Recycled Market exists to advertise goods made from materials that may otherwise unnecessarily end in landfill. For some facts about consumption and disposal, we would highly recommend watching The Story Of Stuff by Annie Leonard

Who runs Recycled Market?

Recycled Market is run by two people with a passion for recycling and protecting the environment. 

Co founders of Recycled Market are Erica and Lester who have both travelled extensively, and have experienced first hand how developing countries and the environment are impacted by our fast-paced consumer driven society.

Lester was raised in a developing country.  As a child, he and his friends would entertain themselves through their own imagination and resourcefulness, rather than a constant supply of manufactured toys. Lester's family migrated to Australia just after his 10th birthday. After completing his Australian education, he worked in London, and travelled through Europe, Africa and Asia. He has worked in multi-national organisations, and most recently, a law firm. He has studied photography, and is currently completing a degree in Bachelor of Business Management.

Erica’s working history with a renowned international volunteer organisation ignited her passion and understanding for the environment. In 2010, and 2011 Erica was nominated for an entry into Who’s Who of Australian Women. Who’s Who of Australian Women contains the biographical details and reflections of thousands of notable individuals. 

Erica has appeared live on the ABC radio station, discussing a sustainable approach to buying second hand and recycled gifts for Christmas, and appeared on Australian National Television, discussing second-hand fashion and sustainable shopping excursions.   Erica has also featured in articles printed in The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Erica makes much of her own clothes and gifts from recycled and reclaimed material, and has tapped into an entire community of clever, talented people creating not only beautiful refashioned clothing pieces, but exquisite jewellery, art, homewares, gifts, accessories, and many other objects using materials that are reclaimed, recycled, leftover, discarded, or found.

Erica and Lester could not find an online venue dedicated solely to selling products made from recycled materials, and thus the seed for their online venture was planted

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