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If you would love to have your own butterfly artwork, but don't want to pay the prices some are charging for these artworks, why not make your own with my Butterfly Artwork Kit?

This Butterfly Artwork Kit includes everything you will need to create your own little masterpiece. Each kit contains over 20 punched butterflies, one A4 260gsm card in white, and instructions for mounting your butterflies.

*Butterfly Artwork Kits come in Vintage and Modern designs:-
- Vintage Kits feature butterflies lifted from recycled vintage golden books. You can purchase your favourite fairytale including Cinderella, Snow White, Bambi, Pinocchio, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty, Peter Pan and Wendy, Aladdin, and Lady and the Tramp
- Modern Kits feature butterflies lifted from quality scrapbooking paper and are currently available in Red, and Pink.
* Please leave a message when ordering so we know which kit you would like.

If you wish to frame your artwork you can purchase an inexpensive box frame.

As each Kit contains many butterflies you could create more than one artwork. Possibilities are only limited by your imagination - try forming the butterflies into a circle or a pattern of flight.

These Kits are great for children, with easy to follow instructions included. They will have great fun making their own artwork, and of coarse, will get great enjoyment out of seeing it hung on their bedroom wall!!

*Please note that I only use books that have been damaged in some way, no fully intact books were harmed to produce any of my artwork!
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