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An interview with Divya of  Jewels by Sayuri.

My Name is Divya N, and I am a freelance fashion – apparel & jewellery designer from Chennai, India. I love to learn as much as I love to teach – I work as a design faculty and craft instructor at various design colleges in the city. I create and sell designer jewelry & gifts under my brand ‘Sayuri’ – which means a small lily is Japanese. I am Quirky, I love kitsch, I get completely lost in a craft store and I savour every moment that I have with my camera during my travels.

My design philosophy is simple - Fashion is for all. So it should be practical, usable and desirable. Both my costume jewelry as well as my accessory range are created by me using a mix of both fine and unconventional materials. I create one off unique pieces without repetition and believe firmly in Hand crafting. I also custom make gifts based on orders.  Sayuri products on the whole are contemporary with a distinct Indian touch.

I believe a lot in reducing and reusing. I feel that it is important for a designer to constantly incorporate existing materials into his/her designs and what better way than recycling to do that? Interacting with my blog friends made me see everyday materials like packaging waste, stationary supplies and old jewelry in a whole new light. I thought why I cant use these common things to make something uncommon, something beautiful and something wearable?

If possible I retain the material/object in its original shape, size or material. Sometimes I modify it to suit my design.

When I started, the idea was to keep the whole range, as good and creative budget options. But lately I have started doing statement jewelry and I am moving on to slightly more expensive pieces. In the future I want to expand and grow the brand further to include more designs, diverse materials and of course more retail outlets.

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