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They are all Handmade OOAK Sweater Coats made from Recycled Materials.

Hold My Hand has luxurious long sleeves with thumbholes to keep your arms warm.

A stand up hood that frames your face. Wide Tie belt . Zipper Front front . A whimsical long elf hoodie that double as scarf.  Super Long skirt for plenty of twirling Made from recycled sweaters.

Bust-40 Waist-44" Length- 54" Size - Large

This coat is gorgeous!!!!!!! My Princess Dream Coats are very different from the other elf coats selling on etsy. I have designed them to be more flattering no matter what shape you are, and they are more forgiving. This coat can accommodate several sizes with my unique design. They are all Handmade OOAK Sweater Coats made from Recycled Materials.

This is a recycled eco friendly sweater coat. It is truly wearable art. It's a wonderful work of art that you can treasure for many many years. You will be a Pretty Faerie in this sweater coat. It can fit several sizes because of the stretch and forgiving structure.

Put it on & twirl & twirl & twirl in your new carousel coat.   Nice and cozy warm Princess Sweater Coat made from recycled cozy soft sweaters.

Let's be friends on Facebook & you can see previews- http://www.facebook.com/DesignedByGinaLouise

© Designed by Gina Louise 2011-12. All images and designs are the intellectual property of Sky Management 1 inc. All rights reserved.

I sell Eco friendly Wearable art disguised as Princess Sweater Coats, Faerie Sweater Coats, Sweater dresses & Skirts, Scarves, Elf Hats, Hoodies, Skoodies, Scoodies, Pixie Hats, Ski Hats, Beanies, Neck Warmers, Ear Warmers, Ear Muffs, Headbands, Scarflets, Shawls, Ponchos, Arm Warmers, Fingerless Gloves, wrist cuffs, Fuzzy Sweater Bangle Bracelets, Sweater fringe necklaces, Belts, Hippy TuTus, Thigh High Leg Warmers, Boot Covers, Spats, Cashmere throws & baby blankets, sweater rose hair pins, sweater rose ornaments, and sooooo much more!

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