Random Recycled Wool Rugs Throws Blankets Xtra Large Size - 100% Recycled Wool Yarn - Made in Britain

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The Random Recycled Rug is soft and durable, suitable for many occasions. Cold wash only.

Made in Wales, the natural environment of this location inspires the textures, colours and designs of these recycled all wool rug.

Great throws for beds and chairs, for wrapping up warm at home or in the car, for travel and picnics. Wool has a lot more natural warmth than synthetic products, snuggies or snuggle blankets. An all wool blanket woven from recycled wool, which has been re-spun to create this environmentally friendly product.

Available in a variety of soft tone colours, the making of these unique rugs means that the colours of each vary and may be different to those pictured here. The colours are picked for you at random. If you would like a particular colour or colours, please email or leave a note with purchase and we will see if we are able to match it.

Size: 150 x 183cm (XL)
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