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Vinyl Cuff Bracelet

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I made this bracelet out of a vinyl record. The entire product is upcycled. It is very simple and unique- perfect for everyone. It can be worn upside down and/or backwards because it looks amazing anyway you look at them. *Choose your size; to fit men, woman, youth or child. Use drop down box before ordering* I love to take items that would be other wise thrown away and turn them into art or into something useful. The earth is cluttered in trash. We even dedicate landfills for heaps and heaps of trash. Please be kind to Mother Earth. Do your part... Recycle... Upcycle...

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  1. Written by QueenLizReigns

    ♪♫♬♩ I love vinyl. This cuff: Original. I'm wearing it the next time I rock a mic. Me: extremely happy ♬♪♫♩

  2. Written by Daisy Daffodil

    Thank you so much. Loved the wrapping!!!! Thank you for all your help. I know my niece will love this

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