Weekly Recycle News

This week’s recycled news sourced from around the net, bought to you by Recycled Market

* An article found on www.instructables.com, to upycle a cassette boom box into general purpose amplified speakers.


* An idea seen on Environmental Media Association, instead of throwing out old whisks, upcycle them into decorative lights

* Bonnie from Crafting a Green World shows us 5 Recycled Crafts for Valentines Day
* As seen on Myoo, in Guatemala, a nonprofit Hug It Forward is addressing two prevalent problems – a lack of safe infrastructure for schools and a growing mountain of trash, by helping communities turn plastic bottles into schools.

Video sourced here

* An article on Whittier Daily News on the rise of criminal recycling

* Hermit crab, recycled home.. seen here

* The Grand Canyon to ban bottled water sales

* A dragon made of scrap metal, as seen on Recyclart

MetalenDraak* Lastly, a necklace made from recycled paper, made by LaAlicia, as seen on Recycled Market!

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